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Kris Seymour


Kris is originally from Overland Park but has resided with his family in Valley Falls, Kansas since graduating from Kansas State University. Kris operates a hunting outfitter business, Seymour Bucks LLC and is a licensed Kansas realtor and owner of BeOutdoors Real Estate.  Kris has been filming his hunts for nearly two decades,  providing footage for television shows including Lone Wolfʼs Whitetail Addictions, Mathews Dominant Bucks and  Team200.  Kris has harvested two deer over 200" and has put multiple clients on Boone and Crockett whitetails over the years. If Kris isn’t busy guiding hunts, showing properties or managing food plots, he’s probably enjoying time with his wife and their three children.

Ryan Lehmkuhl


Growing up in NE Kansas I was introduced to the outdoors right out of the gate.  Hunting, trapping and fishing with my dad started it all. Over the years my outdoor focus bagan to revolve around big game hunting and especially big Kansas whitetail.  Being in the outdoors is a must for me and I am proud to work full time as part owner/operator of BeOutdoors Real Estate LLC where I am able to help others fuel their outdoor passion.   I have 3 young boys who are just getting started in the outdoors.  I will enjoy passing it on!

Tarif Alkhatib


I have been bowhunting whitetails strictly with a bow since I was 13 years old here in the Lone Star State! I have been very blessed to have taken several world class whitetails during this time with a couple making the Boone & Crockett record book. And one that holds the Texas Typical Record with a bow. I give my success to following the Red Moon, and paying attention to the smallest details, but most importantly the Good Lord above!   

Wade Fatool


I started hunting with my dad as a young boy, a passion that I feel in love with.  I now find that there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than being in God’s creation, enjoying all of nature.

Rocky Bonomo


As a full time pastor andan avid pursuer of God's creation! Rock loves the blessings of being in the woods or on the water! Getting up close & personal with the target animal is a spiritual experience! 

Ricky Bonomo


As an athlete for most of my life I loved the competition ! I can’t think of a tougher competitor than a mature whitetail buck ! For me the most important thing is the camaraderie , I love sharing the story with my friends and family ! Team 200 is a blessing to share with others! 

Chris Schmidt

New Jersey

Ever since I was a child, I was interested in the outdoors. In my early teens I picked up my first bow and that’s when the real passion began to grow! Growing up in the Northeast where there are large numbers of whitetails, as well as hunting pressure, I was forced to adapt, and luckily able to take nearly 40 mature bucks to date. More recently moving my hunting practices to the Midwest as well as hunting other large game with stick and string, My passion has just grown larger and larger. I attribute my success to all the different pieces of the puzzle that need to be in place to consistently harvest mature animals year after.

Clay Charlton


As a boy all I ever thought about was chasing big whitetails. In my 20's, I took my deer hunting to a different level killing 7 Alberta bucks over the 170" mark. That's also when I  started Take-Em Outfitters, where I get to live my life through the eyes of my clients! I'm beyond proud to be a member of Team200 where I can share my world with all of you on TV!

Brady Snyder


Brady Snyder, a seasoned bow hunter with 24 years of experience. His life's compass points unwaveringly to God, family, and whitetails, in that order. In 2018, a pivotal shift in Brady's hunting journey led him to concentrate on individual deer, with The Moon Guide becoming his trusty ally in understanding and predicting their behavior. His hunting heart belongs to the pursuit of the largest and oldest whitetails on public land, and he's dedicated to self-filming his hunts to share his knowledge and experiences with the hunting community.

David Voisey


DaveVoisey, owner of Hidden Thicket Productions has been producing tv shows in the hunting industry for almost 2 decades. Dave has edited every episode of Team 200 alongside Adam Hays who he met in the early 2000’s when they produced tv shows on ESPN.

Joe Miles

South Carolina

Very Humbled to be a part of Team 200.  My goal every day is to find the biggest, most mature animal I want to hunt and then do everything in my power to take him ... .that is what Team 200 is all about.   The strategy, the chess match, the pursuit and putting an arrow through a giant!